Liquid Diets That You Can Try

Liquid diets are not something new. They hit the dieting field quite some time ago and ever since then they have been pretty popular among dieters who want to achieve the all elusive “instant” weight loss. Yet not many people have been appreciative of all the effort placed in to promote liquid diets and with good reason so as there are cases where by liquid diets have brought about dire side-effects to its user. On topic, most liquid diets generally consist of either fresh fruit juices or shakes.

Liquid diets should only be used under the supervision of doctors or dieticians. These diets are very strict and consist of only juices, and generally, they are restricted to only a mere 600 calories a day!
These diets are really best suited for those who are suffering from very serious obesity issues. Because these diets lack calories the body is able to start losing weight almost instantly. Although you might feel weak and hungry throughout this diet, you can reap an amazing weight loss of 4 pounds a week.
In some cases a liquid diet can be beneficial to your body, but if you overuse it you may be in danger of future health risks. Those who are medically supervised by doctors have shown rapid weight loss only after 2 weeks of dieting.
However, there are some who beg to differ with the benefits that the liquid diet has to offer. The rapid weight loss can actually slow down your metabolism and destroy lean muscle. At the end of the day, the dieter would find it even harder to keep up with the weight loss.
Also, if a liquid diet is used for far too long, it might effect your health negatively. You may experience anemia, muscle cramps, dizziness and females may experience menstrual abnormality.
Liquid diets are just an easy method to lose weight because it requires little thought to implement. However you should remember that all the weight you lose on a liquid diet can be easily gained back. What really helps a person lose that excess weight and keeps the fats off is regular exercise. Liquid diets are just an easy way out to a pertinent problem and if you do not deal with the root of the obesity problem, it will no doubt creep back into your life again.
Not everyone is suitable for a liquid diet. As mentioned above, medical supervision is required when one wishes to go on a liquid diet. However, there are many people who have tried to go on a liquid diet without the supervision of a medical professional and have suffered from medical problems as such. Liquid diets can really work, but only if the dieter is determined to practice healthy eating habits, once the diet ends and also to engage in regular exercise to keep himself fit and not revert back to his couch potato lifestyle in the past or else he may just find that the fats he fought so hard to lose would just come back again.

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